Did you paint that George Condo remix? from Anonymous

Yes sir I painted that earlier this A spinoff to Yeezus and MDTF.

My respects to George Condo and credits to him. This piece’s focus on the yeezus mask that clouds over West’s earlier work. A message.

I really appreciate those brutally honest posts I see every so often. We need to get together and do something of a colab, painting, music, drawing, whatever I can see doing great things with you from garishbirds

MY DUDE! You already know I’m patiently waiting on both collaborations! I saw that heat you did with your pops, Very impressive.

LETS WORK! As soon as humanly possible!

Much love

Watching movies with the sound up

Watched Lords of Dogtown tonight. I feel too relatable to Jay Adams. But that’s not what I want for myself. I gotta fight the mind trance every week’s end. Every Sunday should be my time to reflect and stay on course. (Aka get back on course).

I got a lot to do and I can’t let lack of opportunities be my demise.

That being said a skill that I lack is knowing how to maximize an opportunity; from a romantic point of view to a financial stand point.. I tend to throw off routine for a giggle of spontaneity and alas I am human and too often my thirst of habits exceed my ambitions. I am too young but aging to still own that mentality. I have to continue to influence and eliminate these stale moments of idle thoughts, these harrowing depressing thoughts of failure.

As an artist, I’m not so hellbent on selling my art anymore as opposed to me being the art. Although I love seeing friends have/throw/ network thru gallery art shows. I’m much too wild and skills not honed enough to be confined to just a gallery. I’m too conscious to be another work horse to capitalism in the sake of my artistic creativity and passion.

In simpler terms, I am brainstorming ways to stand out as an original artist, by not going with the current flow. And I most definitely don’t want to fall down the path of painting to keep the lights on. I trust my abilities to do be able to do that, believe me.

I just know the world won’t wake up in time to feed my hunger. So I gotta get paid.

So in the mean time I write these raps about how I’m living. How this worlds living, and it’s such an escape. Such a high. (Often better than sex) . I cringe at the fact that I’m considered a local rapper. I’m not a rapper. I’m an artist and a word man. I’m not just hip hop. I’m not just an old school flow. I’m punk rock to the essence. Conscious and rebellious in one. And I know I’ve yet to release the tunes that I’ve set my heart and soul on creating but I’m sitting on material right now and I can’t wait to start rolling out the shows and game plan.

More and more these are the days of my life where I’m constantly standing in the mirror and breathing a big breath: I’m going to go all out dying and trying because even if I fail I will feel so much more alive if I tried as opposed to “I never took myself serious so I never went for it”.

Smile for me,