Am a nagger. I nag those that love me to death. And I’m tired of myself.

But I look at my baby and press on with my mission. The future is looking good baby. Your loss

Ps: I erased my twitter and I feel great. I rather be the artist that puts in work and doesn’t hear any good or bad feedback at all so my creative reach isn’t waned with compliments or dislike. Those are to be expected like the air we breath.

Time heals all GERM. Time heals all.

Out of step

I’m not making the music I want. I’m
Bored of rap. It’s boring. It’s stale. I get told I need to spit about drugs. Fuck drugs, I want to spit about what I want to spit about.

I want to spark a thought. I might need a band. I need another life threatening euphoric motivational jolt to jump start me.